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    I have looked everywhere and so far no one has told me a definitive answer to this question so here it goes...

    How can I mount NFS shares on my mac?

    I have searched google as well as the OS X documentation and it says it can be done in finder, but i havent been able to get it to work. Thanks.

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    Doesn't Dave from Thursby Software do this?

    EDIT: They make a product that does this. You can see it at I wasn't too impressed with their NT software, but I haven't used their NFS implementation. I would try it at least. There also should be some way to do this from smbclient. But I will let gator answer that for ya!
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    hrm, looks costly, hopefully theres a hack someplace in the system that can help make this cheaper.

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    From the terminal, you would use mount_nfs to mount NFS shares.

    Alternate GUI application:
    NFS Manager -- $15 Shareware

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    I went with the software, it got me up and running quicker than looking up how to use mount_nfs. Thanks a lot.

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