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Thread: Spotlight problem

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    Spotlight problem
    I have just repaired permissions & done a general tidy up using Onxy, however now when I use spotlight, it fails to find address book entries.

    How can I get spotlight to look at the address book?

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    I'm not familiar with Onyx but with Mainmenu you can rebuild the Spotlight library, I'd imagine this can be done in Onyx too. Worth a try...

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    Spotlight can be forced to update its index or delete a corrupted index through the system preferences.

    In the preferences, click on Spotlight, then on Privacy, where the user can list any files, folders or drives that are not to be indexed.

    Click on the plus button at the bottom and navigate to the entire hard drive, or simply drag the drive's icon into the list. This deletes Spotlight's index of the entire drive to ensure the user's privacy.

    Now click on the drive icon in the list, then the minus button at the bottom to remove the drive from the list. Spotlight must then build an entire new index of the drive from scratch.

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