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    Setting the booktype of the Mac Pro's DVD burner?
    With various other DVD burners, there's a way to set the booktype to DVD-ROM, so basically when you burn a DVD+R, it burns a code on the disc that makes DVD players believe the disc is a TRUE DVD-ROM. This reduces compatibility problems with some DVD players not being able to handle DVD+R/-R.

    Is it possible to set the booktype on the SuperDrive?

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    It's called bitsetting and this claims to do it:

    It's down to the drive if it is supported or not.

    The page mentions the superdrive is -RW and this feature is not supported. But newer ones may be dual format.

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    The page might be outdated. The Mac Pro I ordered, according to, is DVD+/-RW w/ dual layer support. Thanks for the link!

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