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    Changing Icon in Finder?
    I'm new to a Mac (well, back after a 12 year departure...) - Anyways - when I click on Finder along the left side there are a column of various icons:
    Macintosh HD

    Well - I added another folder called 'Downloads' (through the 'Home' icon and added a shortcut) - that icon is simply a generic folder icon.. The other ones listed above are custom icons... Is there a way that I can switch my newly created folder and give it another icon instead of the folder...?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    The best icon sources are most likely to be found in Bob Levitus's web site

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    Search the net for "mac os x icon" or "mac osx icon".
    Download the icons that you like.
    After downloading, find the icon that you want to use and select it.
    Select "get Info" under File menu.
    Click on the icon in the "get info" window.
    Select "Copy" under the Edit menu.
    Select the icon of the document that you want to change. (in your case the downloads folder)
    Select "get Info" under File menu.
    Click on the icon in the "get info" window.
    Select "Paste" under the Edit menu.
    If you have this "old" folder icon in the Dock, you will need to drag it out of the Dock and drag your new folder to the Dock.

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