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Thread: Boot form Cd

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    Boot form Cd
    I try to boot from CD by first putting the CD in, then hitting restart, then immediately holding "C". It doesn't work, it just stalls, then I hear the drive making sound (as if its gonna work), then it loads regular xp.

    I need to start from cd to repair my "Volume Header needs minor repair
    The volume OSX HD needs to be repaired." error.

    Any help?

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    Strange it won't start from the DVD but you said CD. Are you sure you loaded the machine with the install DVD?

    If you did, read this post. Onyx will run it, as well.

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    try booting up and holding down cmd+s to enter single user mode. at the command prompt type fsck -yf

    now wait while it repairs permissions on the start up portion of the disk. when it is done type reboot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smackintosh View Post
    at the command prompt type fsck -yf
    Should be fsck -fy

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