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    Can't Install OS X due to missing receipt
    OK, I have a problem with my MacBook. It seems I can't boot up from the Hard Drive anymore. When I boot up with the OS X Install Disk, I see that my Hard Drive is still there. I tried to use First Aid, but I got a message in red bold letters saying "Error: No valid packages" in red letters. After lurking, I found out I deleted the receipt while I was cleaning it up using Onyx. Little did I know I needed that receipt.
    Now, I can't use First Aid, I can't Partition, etcetcetc...
    The only time I even see the Apple from the boot-up screen is when I have the Install Disk in.
    Does anyone have any idea what I could POSSIBLY do?
    I live in Tokyo, so it's hard to get help for me (My Japanese is bad.) I come to you with my simple request.
    Should and do I have to boot from an External HD? Do I have to just buy a new HD? Do I dare take it to the Apple Store? (Supposedly, they don't understand English)
    Right now, I'm using my brother's PC to get help. hasn't helped a bit. Please, please help me.

    I ran Terminal and typed in some commands someone told me to do...

    here's the URL for what I typed in
    (Looks sloppy in a forum, so I pasted it in Paint)
    It's a picture of essentially what I did.
    Please, please help.
    Here it is:

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    -Worried Mac owner

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    You could do a system archive and install, described in this thread. It refers to OS 10.2, but the thread dates from 2003. Archive and install itself hasn't changed.

    Any and all missing receipt packages would be replaced, along with the system. You'd have to go through the routine of updating the now slightly out-of-date DVD version of the system with Software Update, however.

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    I can't click on the Options button.
    The hard drive doesn't even appear when I want to try to Select a Destination to install it in, as if it doesn't even exist whatsoever.
    The connections and everything are fine.
    What's going on?

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    Maybe your Hard Drive is screwed?
    Damien Healy
    iMac 20" OSX 10.4.9 Tiger | |

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    That's what I'm thinking :-\

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