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    bluetooth icon
    My bluetooth icon on the top right corner was left of the wireless signal, dissapeared, then moved to the left of the spotlight.

    I don't know why this happenned. How do I move it back to where it was?

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    Hold down the command key and drag it to where you want it with the mouse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelstumpf View Post
    Hold down the command key and drag it to where you want it with the mouse.
    I didnt know that trick - thanks!

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    Whoa! I didn't know that either!! =)

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    thx for that tip

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    according to the OP, his bluetooth was on the right of his spotlight. which you can't move anything over there. i think this may have been a small glitch that finally fixed itself and i don't think you can put it back.

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