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    Question Panther problem...
    Hello Macophiles...

    i have a Quicksilver G4 thats running 10.3.9 and yesterday i downloaded an AVI converter, and an update for Quicktime.

    Now my poor old girl is cactus... she starts up, and gets my desktop pic and the control bar up, but the finder fails to load and so does suitcase.

    I have tried restarting and holding down the shift key to go into safe boot, but it does the exact same thing.

    Now... here is my problem, i dont have the system discs to reinstall the system software, i have looked everywhere but they seem to have gone missing in my last move along with some of my good movies grrrrrrr

    Does anyone know what i could do?

    Or where i can download what i need to create a new disc maybe?

    i am sitting here on my *cough* pc *cough* to post this and it is very annoying...

    i know this is my first post, but please, if anyone knows how i can get back onto my G4 i would really appreciate the help.


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    The only solution to this that I can see is that you need to buy a full install Mac OS X Panther disk set off of eBay. There isn't any other way of re-installing the system.

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    Try the ol' single-user startup and fsck -fy trick.

    Start the computer but hold down the Command and "S" key. When the white type on a black background stops flowing, type

    fsck -fy

    (include the space), at the cursor that will be at the bottom, then hit return. This is the same as running Disk Utility from the DVD.

    If the results say the disk was modifed but now "appears OK," run it again, and repeatedly until the message does not say anything about the disk being modified.

    Then type


    and hit return.

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    hey cool... will try that thanks!

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