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    Password storage, net info
    I have a question about how passwords are stored via, the net info database.

    I have found that /private/var/db/shadow/hash/(generateduid) has a hash or something value. I am asking 1) is this the actual password hash, 2) if it is, how to i code it to that, (eg. md5->salt->crypt etcetc)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    The pass word is encrypted. I will have to look at what you are speaking to understand your questions. In all cases the users pass word is encrypted on all favors of unix.
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    Yup and Mac uses the best encryption now in file vault so you have to be very careful not to lose/forget the master password

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    Ok those dident quite answer my question. I know unix (most flavours) very well. The question I have is 'how' is the password data stored. From when i go into system preferences -> users -> user(change the pass) to where that new password is stored. And how that new password is "encrypted" (not the word to use, encrypted means it can be decrypted, its one-way-hashed) using what hash functions.

    I have tried to: md5 -s passwordhere > /private/var/db/shadow/hash/myusersgenerateduid

    but that dident authenticate.

    If anyone knows how to genereate, or how the once you get that password, how you can store it into the net info database.


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