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    Burning cds so they play in a regular cd player
    I can burn cds fine, they will play on the mac or my pc, but they wont work in car cd players, do I need to close the cd or something I do have the super drive cd/dvd/cdrw/dvd/rw ? Do I need to do something different?

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    Some players have a hard time playing burned CDs. Or you have cheap media. Try using a silver or gold CD. They are more expensive but they are playable in a wider array of devices.
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    Are you using Itunes? If so just use the audio cd option.

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    I am creating a New Burn folder, then adding the songs I want, then Just selecting burn, I dont see an option for an audio burn...

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    use itunes....create a playlist, insert a blank disc, and press the burn button in the upper right
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