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Thread: emac wont start

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    Apr 22, 2007
    emac wont start
    my computers pretty messed up.

    when i switch it on it either freezes with just the grey apple on white screen, or it spends ages with grey apple logo and spinnin loading symbol under it, then freezes on the next screen (one with 'Mac OS X' and shiny apple logo, before login window), without the progress bar or text showing up.

    when switched on, it also shows a folder symbol with a question mark in it, then a folder symbol with a face, before the white screen with the apple comes up

    itd been dodgy for a while, had been getting spinning beachball thing a lot-

    sometimes the beachball went away after a bit

    sometimes the beachball kept spinning and everything died and was unclickable etc, dock froze, menu at top didnt work, spinning beachball everywhere, had to switch off from power button.

    and sometimes when the beachball was there it'd only be when the cursor was over on a certain program which had frozen; dock and everything else still worked, so i could switch app and kill the frozen one with 'force quit' from the dock. a few times, this killed programs dead and they wouldnt start up again. with opera til i downloaded 9.2, and with firefox more recently.

    when beachball showed up, there was sometimes a clicking sound comin out of the computer. dying hard drive? this click sometimes happens once or twice when i switch it on now (just while the screen is black, just before the folder symbol with question mark/face comes up)

    any suggestions? i reckon it might be dead

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    Your problem could be the Hard Drive dying or just the OS is all messed up. Do you have the OSX CD's to reinstall? I would boot from the OSX CD/DVD and run the apple hardware test. It will tell you what is going on if it's a hardware issue.

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    Apr 22, 2007
    cheers, ill try get someone to lend me the CD
    i might be able to borrow a 10.4 disk off my uncle, but the emac's on 10.3.9. any idea if thatd work?

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    Don't you have your installer disks with you? These are essential for troubleshooting and get you out of messes like the one you're in at the moment.

    If you don't have them, you need a full install OS disk, not a disk from another Mac, that won't work.

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    Apr 22, 2007
    nope, i got the emac a couple months ago because itd been replaced at an office. didnt get any discs with it, 10.3 was on there already.

    anyway, ill be able to get the full disk for tiger, so ill see if that works.

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