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    Locking Documents Folder?
    Hi All,

    After a mishap last week deleting my documents folder (this was a problem since it also deleted ALL my Parallels WinXP files and i had to reinstall all that) i was thinking about locking the folder (box in the GetInfo window). Do you guys foresee any problems doing this? I'm reading and trying to figure out what the 'lock' function does exactly. I just don't want to trash those files. But obviously i'll want to add more, etc. to the folder. Thanks.


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    having the folder "locked" makes it so that the folder can NOT be changed... You can drag items out of it, and they will be COPIED (not moved) to a new location... You will NOT be able to add anything to the folder (unless you Unlock it).

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    Don't lock it, just don't delete it again.

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