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Thread: Heartbroken over late release of leopard

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    Heartbroken over late release of leopard
    Hello to all. I am a new member having just registered this A.M. Please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong place. I am new to this. I just want to say that i'm heartbroken that the new leopard is not to be released until october. I have never had a Mac but have heard how wonderful they are. I saved my money and had planned on buying a 24" upgraded imac as soon as they are released. I was told to wait for the leopard so i guess i have no choice. I now use windows xp and am a little fearful of learning a new system. Maybe you guys could let me know if it will take me long to become accostomed to the mac and if i will enjoy it as much as people are telling me. Your input is appreciated. Did i mention that i'm not too computer savvy and want a computer that does not give me a hard time, constantly crash and is fairly easy to learn. It's not like i'm asking it to make my breakfast. I just want to enjoy it. Thanks to all. Glad i found this site.

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    Welcome riley, can't help with the complicated stuff but I can make a mean breakfast

    Er, that isn't a come on btw!
    *digs another hole*
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    Hello and welcome Riley!
    As Leopard hasn't been released yet I'd say that many of the good things you heard about macs were related to Tiger. It really is a great OS and if you're prepared to learn something new and different (Some say better...) to Windows then you'll pick it up in no time. And now you're here at Mac-Forums you have 24hr tech-support :black:
    I was told to wait for the leopard so i guess i have no choice.
    I don't get this part, who told you?
    I'd say get yourself an iMac now, you won't regret it.

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    There's still a bit of 'Roar' left in the old Tiger, yet ... and it won't eat you for breakfast!

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    Thanks for your reply. Nice to know someone is watching over me. I guess the only thing i'm concerned about as to purchasing a imac now rather than waiting for leopard is will i be spending a lot more money to upgrade to leopard. Also what will it entail to switch to leopard and how complicated would that be? I want Apple to install all the upgrades and have everything in sync so i don't have to remove, delete, and finagle, (hope that's a word) when installing leopard. I guess i,m used to all the hassles i've had using windows xp. Thanks Moss 918 you seem very knowledge.

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    finagle is a word! it's one of my favorites!

    the upgrade should be easy enough, but it will cost you 129 bucks US.

    if you want a mac though, don't let that hold you back. you don't need to switch from tiger to leopard the day it comes out (i know plenty of people here, including myself, are in no big rush).
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    Heartbroken? We had to have our dog put to sleep last August - now that was heartbreaking...
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    Leopard is very hyped and definitely not worth any heartache, or be a factor in you delaying buying a Mac.

    OS X is evolutionary, not revolutionary and going by past history, Leopard won't be massively different from Tiger.

    And talking of Tiger - it's still the best operating system out there. It's specifically easy to use and built so well it rarely crashes anything. No spyware, no viruses - it's everything Windows Vista should have been.

    Have a look:

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    I'm with these guys too, Riley. I wouldn't trade the macs I work with here at the office for anything...Tiger (and Leopard) are worth it. After having to work on Windows XP for so long at a prior job, it's nice and relaxing to not have to worry about my office's OS.

    Don't let the delay keep you from purchasing a won't regret getting one! :batman:

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