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    OS 10.3.7 Reinstallation
    Hello, first of all sorry if this has been touched upon before and sorry if it is a somewhat elementary issue for you!
    I have one of the first Mac Mini, with a 40gb hard drive. As it was full I decided to back up my important files and upgrade to Tiger (which I've been running on my other Mac), however this wasn't an option as when I restarted I was met with the "we are hanging" error message. This, I assume, means that my Mac Mini is possibly too old for Tiger. Fair enough, I'll just reinstall the orginal software that came with the computer, which was OS 10.3.7.
    I reinstalled the software, selecting "Erase and Install" from the "Select a Destination" pane during the installation process. Upon starting up the Mac Mini I found that with 10.3.7 reinstalled I only had 30.36GB of space. Is this correct, or have I messed up along the way somehow? I realise that I shouldn't have the full 40GB after installing an operating system, but an entire 25% of the hard drive seems like a fairly huge portion of the space. I went back into Installer to attempt to delete again, where I was told that over 7GB of space would be needed to reinstall OS 10.3.7, I didn't want to attempt another "Erase and Install", in case the space went down a further 7GB.

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    Under Disk Utility is there more than one Partition Scheme selected? If not, you can change this to ensure you have one Partition selected and of course Mac OSX extended (journal).
    You can get to Disk Utility from the Drop Down menu from the install screen while you booted up on the install CD/DVD. (you will see the drop downs when you reach the screen when your prompted to choose a drive to install OSX).

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    I own the same Mini. 30GB and some change sounds about right after the full factory install. Tiger works just fine on the G4 mini. What CD/DVD were you trying to install? If it's an install DVD from another Mac it will not install as they are made for that machine. If you purchase a full version of Tiger it will install and work great on that G4 mini.

    On the space issue, there are utilities that will allow you to delete unneeded Fonts and Languages you will never use giving you maybe 2 GB more free. One is called DeLocalizer.

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