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Thread: Dock stopped animation

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    Dock stopped animation
    For some reason the icons on the dock have stopped animateding and the wired mouse is behaving erratically. Windows keep opening and the alert beep goes off for no apparent reason with no on screen message and the screen flashes. Any ideas?

    20" G5 iMac

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    have you restarted lately?

    have you downloaded and run any new apps lately?

    have you changed any weird settings?

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, detective! I hope you like it here as much as I do.

    If the tips eric gave you don't work, maybe you could try dragging the dock.plist file to the trash (don't empty the trash right away), restart and see if the problem hasn't been fixed.

    The path to the file is:

    Macintosh HD -> Users -> Your account -> Library -> Preferences ->

    Let us know how this goes.

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