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    Will Leopard be an easy upgrade?
    So, with the news out on Leopard's release date being pushed to October, it looks like I'll be purchasing my Macbook Pro now anyways.

    That being said, after customizing and tweaking everything to fit my needs, when I upgrade to Leopard will it keep all of my apps and settings exactly the way they are? Or will I have to redo some things?

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    Depending on when you choose to upgrade there may be some 3rd party Apps or things that may have initial issues. Other than that it should be a piece of cake.

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    Sounds like me. I'd been kind of telling myself I was going to wait for Leopard and whatever possible upgrades June might bring to the MBP line, but I'd been waffling on that and was figuring on buying one next week. With the Leopard delay, it's a done deal for me now.

    My understanding is that the upgrade has been remarkably easy in the past. Occasional minor issues, but nothing too troublesome. I'll probably just wait to see what others are reporting, then upgrade later.

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    Does Mac historically offer some kind of discount for people like us who have purchsed a system within the same year that a new OS came out? I couldn't wait until October so I fired the trigger, but I feel like I should get some sort of preferential treatment:bone:

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    I think that you get a disco9unt if you buy and then within 14 days the new OS is released. Otherwise I believe that you pay the same as everyone else.

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