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    Afternoon All,

    I have just purchased a new 160Gb HD for my wonderful Macbook. Is there an easy wasy to clone the current drive onto the new disk, or would it just be best to to a clean and fresh install on the new 160Gb drive? I have all my software that I have installed, so thats not a problem?

    Any words of wisdom would be helpful.


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    Go to

    get yourself an external enclosure for the old hard drive

    copy the things you need, and enjoy your (relatively) free external storage!

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    I use SuperDuper for the cloning.

    Hard drive enclosures start from around £5. I paid £16 (including P&P) for a Omata one - mainly for the colour.

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    Is there a way of doing this by creating an image on a network drive?

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    I found this link where you can also ask additional questions:
    You can use a cloning utility like Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper!
    There are two ways you should be able to do it...
    • Put new drive in external-->Clone-->Put old drive in external-->Put new drive in MacBook
    • Put old drive in external-->Put new drive in MacBook-->Boot from external-->Clone
    * Reminder: You'll need to format the new drive with Disk Utility before cloning *
    *** Test appropriately before deleting contents from original hard drive ***

    You'll need a 2.5" SATA enclosure, like the OWC Mercury On-The-Go Oxford924 equipped 2.5" Portable FireWire 800 (with FireWire 400 support) + USB2 interface Hard Drive Enclosure Kit ( OWCMSTG800U2K )
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    I got this info. from the following Web site:
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