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Thread: Open One Window At A Time: HELP?!

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    Open One Window At A Time: HELP?!
    Something very strange happened to my Mac Pro desktop and the
    way it opens Windows.

    Suddenly, when clicking on the Macintosh HD icon in the upper
    corner of my screen, it continues to open a NEW WINDOW every
    time I click on a folder instead of just keeping it to ONE window

    It never did this at the beginning. In the beginning everything
    stayed in ONE window no matter how many subfolders I clicked on.

    I mean, my MacbookPro laptop keeps everything in one window.

    I think a piece of software or perhaps some innocent tinkering
    must have changed a setting that now produces a new window
    with every click.

    Problem is, I can't find the problem. I compare my Macbook Pro
    (which works fine) to my Mac Pro and all the system settings under
    FINDER and GET INFO are identical.

    Can anyone suggest a fix?


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    Open Finder > Preferences and uncheck "Always open folders in a new window"

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