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    Question random net drops and other small things
    i JUST bought a new 24" imac. 2.16ghz, 2gigs RAM, upgraded videocard etc. and i'm having some issues with it.

    a few times now i've noticed... i'll come back to it and it's just disconnected from the net. i can't connect to anything.

    this is my first mac too. so i'm very used to troubleshooting PC's. i don't know how to fix anythign on this machine. the only way i've been able to reconnect to the net is by rebooting.

    i'm also having problems with garageband locking up the system tight. so tight that even the force quit menu is locked.

    ... and little things like... ok after i DO reboot. it connects to the net again.... but little things like... my gmail notifier will be gone.

    am i doing anythign wrong? i'm SO new at these thigns.

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    It would be helpful to know how you connect to the Internet in the first place. :mac:

    Failing that, Safari will usually display a message with a Network Diagnostics button when a connection has failed. If you click Network Diagnostics, it should walk you through the process of re-connecting to the Internet. Have you tried this, and if so, what happened?

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