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    typing in expose
    I saw someone in class using expose and when all the windows shunk down to fill the screen they were able to type in the actual windows that were shrunk. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to do this?

    in my case when the windows are shrunk to be able to see them all i have to click one of them to make it my primary window so Ill be able to type or navigate through it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    nobody knows anything?

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    Open Terminal and type:

    sleep 5; killall Dock

    Then hit enter. You'll have 5 seconds to activate Expose. With Expose activated, wait 5 seconds.

    Then you'll be able to manipulate the windows and type in them.

    *This should only work in Panther, I thought this glitch was fixed in Tiger.*
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    ye I have tiger. Any other way or programs out there that allow you to do this. Thanks

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