Hi guys,

I'm new to mac, and have a few questions regarding disk partitioning. I am using a Macbook Pro with 160 GB of diskspace. I'd like to create separate volumes for datafiles. This is what I've done so far -

Free Diskspace ~ 149G, X on disk0s2.

a. Ran : diskutil resizeVolume disk0s2 40G "MS-DOS FAT32" "DATA1" 32G "MS-DOS FAT32" "DATA2" 32G "MS-DOS FAT32" "DATA3" 32G "MS-DOS FAT32" "WindowsXP" 12G

The idea is to install XP on the last volume, dual boot with rEFIt and use the data partitions to store files that can be used between the two O/S.

The first time I ran this, it resized the volumes, but it did not a. format; or b. mount the partitions.

When I tried to mount them from diskutility, it failed to mount although it showed up as mounted. The questions I have are as follows --

a. Do I have to manually mount them via /etc/fstab ? Where is the fstab file in X ?
b. Running mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s3 fails.
c. Can I boot from the mac os cd and use the terminal to resize / partition the drive
d. Why can't I format or mount the paritions ?

-- Thanks, - Raj.