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    Question Transitioning to new administrator account
    In an attempt to figure out why my InDesign and Photoshop CS2 keep crashing, I've created a new administrator account in OS X. The programs don't seem to crash there; however, it doesn't recognize all the fonts I used to have. What is an easy way to copy over all my desktop folders, fonts, etc. to be used with my new account?

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    You're better off trying to figure out what ~/Library/Preferences is corrupt. Which is most likely the cause.

    Try moving the ~/Library/Preferences to your Desktop, then delete the ~/Library/Preferences folder from your home directory. Reboot and add the preferences back a few at a time.

    Be smart about which ones you move. Remember you're troubleshooting an Adobe issue. It's most likely going to be an Adobe or Apple preference.

    You may just want to delete all the adobe prefs and reboot to see how far that gets you before getting as drastic as my first suggestion.

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