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    Over filled my boot up drive, so won't boot up!
    Bare with me as I need to explain what's happened first before asking for a solution. I've got a G4 Powerbook that is very tired. It's DVD drive is broken and the 10Gb hard drive was getting full with OS 10.4 a few songs on iTunes and the odd photo and video clip. As I only have dial-up at home at the moment I took a trip to my brothers (wifi'ed) house as an opportunity to download all of those compariatively big updates that Apple dish out every now and then.

    The only problem it that I've filled my tiny hard drive, and now, when I turn on my Mac all I get is that grey screen with the Apple logo and the spinning timer thingy.

    As I can't use the systems disks to boot up, if I connect this Powerbook to my G4 tower with OS9 can I get to the content of my Powerbook hard drive and clear out some old files and see if it'll boot up again? If not, what else can I do?

    If I can get this Powerbook working again, is there a way in which I can copy my Powerbook hard drive onto my G4 tower and boot up/login in OS9 for one user and OSX for another user? My Mother uses the G4 tower and doesn't want/couldn't manage switching to OSX, so if we could both use the tower with our prefered OS that would be great

    Finally, if I bite the bullet and buy a new MacBook, would I be able to get my old Powerbook files and programs transfered across easily?

    G4 Powerbook 400MHz, 256Mb RAM, 10Gb Hard Drive, OS 10.4 - broken DVD drive and horizonal lines on screen.
    G4 800MHz, 512Mb RAM, 30Gb Hard Drive, OS 9, DVD/CD combo drive.

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