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    Question Installing New OS on Quicksilver
    Hello Mac People.

    I am a musician who is recording my first solo recordings. I bought a G4 Power Mac which 10.4 was installed. The old interface I am using required Classic, so I bought the 9.2 disk and installed it. Everything is good.

    I am upgrading components and need 10.3 as the OS.

    Is it possible to do a fresh install with a 10.3 install disk and just have that be my only OS? Basically, I want to get rid of the Classic 9.2 and the 10.4.

    I have two external HD's (Lacie 300 Gig HD) to put iTunes and some of my old music recordings to.

    Thanks so much for any help you may be able to provide! I hope I can offer any comparable advice.

    - Brian

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    According to the link below, you should be able to, although in any event I would urge you to do a full back-up before attempting to continue.

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    Thank you for that information. I do appreciate it very much.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, Mcmooch!

    Let us know how this turns out!

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