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    Beleive me when I say i'm very new with Macs, as you can tell in my stickie post. :dummy: I know his is going to sound silly, BUT The stickies in my application folder are gone. I tried to open the program and I get an error stating that "the item cannot be open, or it is not installed." I tried to install the bundle software, but it did not installed the program. Is there anywhere else where I can go and install this program back into the system? I have stickie notes in my widgets, but it's not the same. The other stickies had 3 bigger notes.

    Thank you so much for your help in advance.

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    I don't use Stickies, but I looked to see if you could work around it.
    Please, try this: On your hard drive, click on Users, click on the name of the user, then library folder, click on Stickies Database. This does not open any application. Click on More Info. Stickies Database info. shows up. Where it says "Open With" if you don't have a chosen application, click on "Other" and chose from your Hard Drive, Application folder. This opened up the Stickies Data Base, but I don't know if you could use any of your info. doing this. Good Luck!
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    try searching for "stickies" in finder

    Best of luck ~mikeyman

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    I use the stickies in the dashboard.

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    Nothing seems to work in getting the program back. I remember opening the stickies program when I first bought the computer and having 3 large stikies in different colors. It was convinient for me because it keept it on the desktop to view a reminder. I even tried to reinstalled the program from scratch, using the bundle software that came with the system. Oh well, I guess I'm going to have to learn to live without it. Unless someone can come up with a solution. I do want to thank you all for your help with my problem.


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