Hi folks

I've always been frustrated - in many ways - by how badly Windows handles the setting of the Desktop ('wallpaper') image, and having 'switched' to Mac I have been pleased with the way OS X provides many improvements on the typically clunky Windows procedures.

But, one annoyance remains: when I select the 'Fit to Screen' option, this setting does not seem to persist when I switch to another image, instead reverting to 'Stretch'.

Also, this prevents me from nominating a folder of wallpaper images to cycle through, changing every time my MacBook wakes up, because ticking the 'Change Picture' checkbox also causes the 'Fit to Screen' setting to revert to 'Stretch'.

One final point - is there no way in OS X, either by rght/control- clicking on an image in Finder, or via Preview, to say 'Set this Image as Desktop'?