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    Fast User Switching Problem
    I've got an 12" iBook that the whole family uses mostly to surf the net. I've set up each user with an account but have a password only on mine. When others sign in, there's no problem. When I sign in (switching from another user) I enter the password. Signon goes fine and I get to my desktop. Then, 9 times out of 10--but not always-- the notebook immediately goes back to sleep. Pressing a key will, eventually--after 10-15 sec--take me back to the login screen. I re-enter my password, the machine wakes up and all is well.

    Any way to avoid the need to log in twice? Is this a known bug?

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    Not using multi users on my Mac, I'm not sure - but did you try resetting the time for sleep to auto start (even if it's the same time) who knows...

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    Are the "hot corners" disabled? Could your mouse pointer possibly be going straight to a corner when you log in? Check in your System Preferences (Display if I remember correctly), and if they're enabled then disable them.

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    Hot Corners isn't the problem, or is it?...
    The problem occurs directly from login and the login screen won't allow double tapping of the touch pad, so I've just typed in my password and pressed the mouse button. The computer logs in and then goes to sleep.

    So hot corners isn't the issue, or is it? This iBook demonstrates the flaky touchpad problem (I'm considering sending it in for repair). I'll have to check to see if it's sending the pointer to the corners.

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