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    can't lock the Sharing panel in System Preferences
    I'm running OS 10.3.9 on a G5 tower, a G4 Powerbook, and an even older G4 tower, all at home, linked by an Airport network. I can't get the Sharing panel in System Preferences to stay locked on both the G5 tower and the Powerbook. After a restart, the panels are in the unlocked position. If I relock them, they'll be unlocked again after another restart. I have no such problem with the G4 tower. The G5 tower was originally part of a work network, so there may be an issue there. But the Powerbook has always been an individual, private machine (as has the G4 tower). Anybody have any suggestions as to how to get these Sharing panels to stay locked?
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    In case someon else runs into this
    Go to the security pane and check "Require a password to unlock each..."
    Then go back and lock your little sharing pane lock.

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