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    I Need Input Please
    New to Mac so a little tolerance please.
    I was given a 2 GHz Mac G5 machine without any OS. I see on eBay that you can buy unopened unregistered OSX-Tiger cd's that came from Apple with new machines. Assuming for a moment that they are telling the truth. Are the disks that come with new machines the complete OS, or a light version??
    I would appreciate your feedback and guidance.
    Thanks, Pdude

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    Welcome to M-F. The disks that come with the machines are a full version of OS X, nothing is left out.

    Congrats on the new Mac.
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    Welcome and congrats on your new mac! StretchR answered your question. I just wanted to say welcome.

    When purchasing anything from ebay, be sure the seller is reputable by viewing their feedback and the terms of the auction. Look for any language that "just doesn't sound quite right" - . Also use a payment that offers protection. You can take it a step further and contact the seller to ask a question. I stay away from people who don't communicate. Just my preference.

    There are lots of good sellers on ebay - just do your homework.

    Good luck!

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    It has been discussed here before, but note that you want the disks meant for your model (and maybe year) of machine. Buying disks that came with a different model may not work.

    If you didn't get disks, then you can walk into any store that sells OS X and that will work on your G5. (That doesn't work of Intel machines yet)

    You might be able to get the version that came with your machine if you phone Apple. It would be for a minimal processing fee.

    Note that the next version is due in the next few months or so. This of course doesn't obsolete what you would be running, but means if you want to upgrade, it will cost extra.

    Oh. There are only two versions of OS X. A client license and a Server license. The server has _extra_ corporate server type stuff. The client has no limitations otherwise.

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