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    Every image I scroll over is magnified - "Zoom" is off, what's the problem?
    For instance, if I hover over the Apple logo, it magnifies that - it magnified the icons on my desktop, search bars, etc. It happened after I was stuck in a slideshow and I stupidly pressed a million buttons on my keyboard. I looked for a remedy, but the only thing I could find was 'Zoom' - which says it's off and I tried changing it back and forth with no success. What's the problem?

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, terrapin! Sounds like maybe you have accidentally turned on the Universal Access...

    Go to your System Preferences and check out the Universal Access pane and see if the Seeing settings are like in the screengrab below... If you mean the Zoom in that setting is off, well you might have set off something else in the settings...
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    Thank you for the response!

    However, my settings look just like that. Zoom is off, but it keeps magnifying!

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    I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're seeing. Which Apple logo? The one at the top left? Also, does the whole screen zoom in or is it just the single icon magnifying like the dock?

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    Can you upload a screen capture in your reply's attachment button?

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