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    Unhappy Mac OS X and Palm???
    Hello everyone,

    I recently bought a MacPro and installed the Palm Desktop software on it. Started haveing some trouble, including error messages at startup, not being able to hotsync, etc. So, I attempted to uninstall all the palm software from my Mac and I thought I would do some reading prior to putting it back on. Now here is my problem. After doing a uninstall, the software seems to still be on my Mac. Grrrrrr The icons are not under my applications folder of the Finder, but if I typw Palm into the Spotlight, it seems to all still be on my system. I don't guess it is hurting anything, but it just bugs me.
    So, has anyone used the palm desktop software on their Mac. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on the subject? Thanks in advance.
    -C. Allen

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    For removing it, try reinstalling it and then uninstall it using AppZapper.
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    A lot of the stuff that will come back in Spotlight is your personal settings. As far as I can see, there isn't much stuff Palm installs so if the Palm folder from /Applications is gone you should be fine.

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    This one I manually deleted and it caused me problems: I gather you did this as well?

    You and I should have used the Palm Desktop uninstaller: I suspect it would have made things much easier to do.

    I tried reinstalling it to use AppZapper (or Palm's uninstyaller) but, since there was still bits left in the system, it refused to install. I searched for all files, even the invisibles, but then there was this stoopid file that refused to let itself be deleted (the one that still shows up in your Startup Items, I bet) when I emptied the trash. I restart, still the same deal. I tried Secure Empty Trash, still no joy.

    From my usual daily user account I had to create a new admin account, drag the file that wouldn't delete from the trash to the Users/Shared folder.

    Then I logged out of my usual account, logged in the new one I had just created, went to the Shared folder, grabbed the un-deletable file and dropped it in the trash.

    I then logged out of this new account, logged back in my usual account and then went to System Preferences and deleted the new account. That was the only way I could get rid of that Palm Desktop file.

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    My fiancee had this problem on her iBook when she attempted to install the Palm Desktop. I wound up (cringing as I write this) enabling the root password and removing the file with extreme prejudice. It was a "nuke" solution but it worked.

    Now we both use Mark/Space's Missing Sync for PalmOS. The awesome thing about this is that you get to use iCal and Address Book instead of the ghastly Palm Desktop software. It costs $40, but it's worth every penny 'cause it just works.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks you all. I think I have everything uninstalled and I am going to talk to my wife about purchasing The Missing Sync for Palm OS. Thanks again! You all are the best.
    -C. Allen

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