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    Airport Update 2007-002: Caution

    Apple has released an AirPort Extreme update, 2007-002, version 1.0. There are a couple issues with thiis update.

    For instance, if you have a DLink DL-624 router and you run WPA-PSK authentication, this release will probably break your wireless connection. If you have no idea what WPA-PSK means, you're probably safe; this is something you must do deliberately. For those who might be affected, you can go to a lower form of authentication, though this is rather amusing given the update is a security update. It happens.

    If you need this update, certainly get it. If you don't, you might wait to see if they'll revise it over the coming weeks (week or two, hopefully).

    In any case, this is a heads up for anyone who might possibly be adversely affected by this update.

    Hope this helps!
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