Hi chaps. I have accquired a G3 400MHZ slot-loading iMac, but it has only CD drive and not a DVD drive. However, I also have a Core 2 Duo iMac.

The question is:

Apart from restoring the PPC Tiger DVD to a spare partition on my INTEL iMac, setting that machine to Target-Disk-Mode, re-booting the G3 whilst holding down [OPTION] key, and selecting the spare partition on INTEL iMac as the startup disk, and installing via firewire (The G3 would think that the INTEL partition was the Tiger DVD! ), is there ANY simpler way of doing this?. I don't mind getting my hands dirty - in fact I *love* a challenge (you're talking to the guy who merged BOTH his Intel iMac restore DVDs onto a spare partition, and has been able to do a FULL RESTORE in 12 mins [including iLife etc], from that partition!!)

Many thanks.