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Thread: Need advice!

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    Need advice!
    Hi guys. I'm very new to mac and computers in general. I'd like to ask how I best keep the MacBook in tip top health?

    Where is the best place to get some downloads for mac and which ones are you guys running?

    Cheers in advance.

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    G'day oscar & welcome to Mac-Forums.

    I would recommend you check out the Switchers Hangout. Although you are new to computers you'll find a plethora of stuff that'll be sure to answer your questions about keeping your MacBook running at its best and also what apps to check out! It's really a great section to go to for first timers.

    Just spend a little time persusing the threads there and make a note of things that interest you.

    Please post back with anything you don't fully understand and someone here will help you further.

    Enjoy your new Mac!

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    yea...and in addition a great app for system maintnence is Onyx...and MainMenu works too...
    dont forget to regularly empty ur cache and reboot!
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    How d I empty the cashe?


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    You can empty the cache and do basic cleaning / maintenance with Mainmenu or onyx. I use Mainmenu and would recommend it. Plus they're both free so try them and see what you like best...

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