A recent install of OS X 10.3 went very smoothly on my Powermac G4 (400 mhz - 80GB HD - 768MB RAM). The troubles began when I attempted to install some software that didn't get installed originally, including HP printer drivers etc. (did Easy Install). I'd get the message "there were errors installing software" and then I'd try to start over, but no luck.

When Safari began shutting down and I was unable to check my HD within OS X, I decided to reinstall. I've tried an archive and reinstall and a complete wipe and reinstall (this after verifying and repairing).

Have also inspected and cleaned the CD (full install version, not an upgrade) and swapped out the CD-ROM.

Each time the install gets to "process asian languages support" and after about 40% I get the "there were errors installing software" message and it's back to square one.

I understand PC's pretty well and can rescue a Linux installation, but this one has me bugged. If it's a media problem why did it install flawlessly before?

Any help to a new guy greatly appreciated. Thanks.