I have a iMac intel OS X10.4.8
I recently attempted to make a video call using Skype, but the video setting was not working, i then tried to change the video preferences but no camera was being detected. I then quit the application and tried to run Photo Booth, the error " Photo Booth cannot open because no camera is attached or the camera is in use by another application." I therefore checked the programs running in the Activity Monitor. No other (isight) applications were running. I then deleted Skype thinking this was the problem. Checked the System Profiler, isight nowhere to be found. Tried updating software but i was up to date. Scoured through different discussion forums, reset the SMC, tested hardware, i even ran a archive and install, still no joy.
At the moment i am blaming the firmware update as this is the only thing that i have done which has changed my system. Searching everywhere to remove firmware is impossible, and i think i am now in a place where i have to do a clean install and thats the only way i know how to wipe out the firmware.
Could anyone give any advice as i don't want to delete everything and then find out its actually the hardware that needs replacing.
Thank you.