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    Hey guys

    Iv had my dc powermac g5 for a bit over a year now, about a year after i got it i decided it needed a format, due to being full of crap and i wanted to add in my wd raptor 36gig hard drive as the main os x drive so i could make use of the extra speed the drive would give (not a huge boost i know but meh, why not lol) anyway everything went fine, my only problem is my system has not been as stable as it used to be. have i done something wrong? this being my first mac then it wouldnt surprise me. and is there anything i can do to help? cheers for any help you can provide.


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    Can you define what is implied in being "unstable". Need more info before we can help!
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    Not knowing all the particulars it would be hard to pin point, but i can tell you that i also added a WD Raptor to my G5 and about that time i started having problems too. Kept getting corrupted music files which would lock up the G5. Turned out that the Raptor was going fruit and i had to replace it. Never had the problem after i got rid of that Raptor.

    I know... thousands of people are using Raptors with no problems, and i also have used them with no problems, but that particular time the drive was the problem.
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    yeah sorry, was meaning to add more info but had to run out. bascially a generally unstable system, things kept going wrong. EyeTV for example will no longer quit, if i try closeing the app it will freeze and not even a force quit will fix it, thunderbird will only close through the thunderbird menu and not right clicking the dock image. there have been other problems but im struggleing to remember them at the mo. it just hasnt felt like the almighty super dooper G5 that i bought, if that makes sence. im beginning to think that it is down to the raptor drive, i was just wondering if there may have been any other reasons for it



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