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    Translator Widget problem
    Heres what my translator widget looks like.

    I cant select a language to translate to, and I cant type anything in. And I already tried simply replacing the widget file

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    The only thing I can think of offhand would be deleting the file ~/Library/Preferences/ .

    I've heard of such a thing helping with other programs, but I've never tried it, so...
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    Yeah, that's what happened to mine. Deactivate the widget, delete the plist file, reactivate the widget. I think that's what worked for me (thanks to Pulse-8).

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    w00t, that worked, thanks guys

    by the way, does anyone know WHY this happened?

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    I just discovered through someone here, I dunno who, that you can refresh widgets... I wonder if that would fix the above issue without having to go through the deleting of plists etc.

    You just click on the activated widged and then press Command+R.

    As far as why the widget went south ... the pref file became corrupted and the only way to move on is to delete the file. How it became corrupted isn't really important IMHO as when you delete the plist file it is just rebuilt when you launch the widget again.

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