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    Angry Desktop HD icon (no workie)
    Let me say I love my Mac Pro like I love my kids...sometimes you want to hug 'em...sometimes you want to beat 'em. Guess what time I'm experiencing now! I have four HD's on my Mac Pro, all visible to the right on the desktop. Three of them open their respective Finder windows when clicked upon. My HD2 does nothing. Any suggestions? I can access the hardrive by opening a new Finder window and accessing it through the sidebar, but not from the desktop.

    Maybe related (but I don't know how), I can't use the Finder from the drop down menus (e.g. Go, etc)

    I'm stumped on this one although it doesn't take much.
    Any help would greatly be appreciated.
    :closed: Too new to know...livin' life to learn Mac!

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, Digital Louie.

    Sounds like a corrupted Finder pref file. Spot that file and drag it to your trash. Restart. Don't delete the file till you are sure everything is in good working order.

    Path is this: Macintosh HD -> Users -> Your home directory -> Library -> Preferences ->

    Let us know what this gives you please.

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