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Thread: What is the Sleepimage document?

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    What is the Sleepimage document?
    I have this document that I found with Disk Inventory X and its taking up 1.25 Gigs I was just wondering what it does and if its necessary? Thanks!

    The path to the document is: /private/var/vm/sleepimage

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    Thanks MacHeadCase helpful as always =). I'm still a bit confused though would it be okay to delete the file since it saves the data from the last session that it restored?

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    The article I linked you to says how to use the Terminal to get rid of that file, near the end of the entry, if I'm not mistaken, so I would assume it is safe to do so. Maybe it is best to use the Terminal instead of manually dumping it in the Trash?

    In any case, in the article there is a link to another article that has a lot of info in it, and you can read how to disable this Safe Sleep mode via the Terminal (again!) so take a look and decide where you want to go with this. How to Safe Sleep (Hibernate) Your Mac. The Terminal trick in how to disable it is near the end...

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    I have a problem. When i run oregon trail it get to the begining where the girl is talking and she says "....thursday" then it closes and gives me a message saying this program has closed unexpectantly. It wont stop

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