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    Open with?
    How can I set all my audio files to open in Quicktime rather than iTunes..? The same with my videos, quicktime instead of final cut.. etc etc!


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    Select one of the files for which you’d like to change the associated default application.

    Press Command+I to open the Get Info window

    Under "Open with" select the application you’d like to use

    Under Use this application to open all documents like this click on Change All… and follow the prompts

    There is also a Cool App (free) for doing this that creates an App in the Sys. Prefs.: RCDefaultApp

    RCDefaultApp Screenshot:

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    I tried out this app. myself, and it is GREAT... Very useful. Anyone who likes to customize multiple "Open With" items should take a look. Great app to have in the Sys. Prefs. IMO.

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