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    Mail - threaded view

    In Mail's thread view, when you single clicking the message in the mailbox all the messages in the thread are displayed in the lower panel. The lower panel is sorted by date, with the earliest messages at the top and the most recent at the bottom.

    Can I change that sort so the most recent is at the top?
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    If you are looking to have the thread open to the 1st unread message, select the thread, then press the Right Arrow key... This will select the firts unread message. Then press the Left Arrow key to collapse the thread.

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    Actually, hoping for the opposite. Most of my threads are automated messages and I only want to look at the most recent message. These threads can be very long and it's sort of a bother to scroll to the bottom of the list.

    As I type this I realize that the lower panel follows the same sort as the mailbox, so if the mailbox is sorted with most recent messages at the top, then the messages in the thread are sorted that way too. No scrolling. So, that'll work.

    Good to know about those keyboard shortcuts. I'm new to OS X, it's always nice to make it even easier.
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