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    Upgrading to 10.2
    Hi, I am getting ready to upgrade to OS X 10.2 from 9.2 on my Blue/White G3. When I install, will I have to reinstall all programs that are installed on computer? I am not familar with upgrading. Please advise if 10.3 is a better upgrade.


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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, cimages!

    Having used both Jaguar (10.2) and Panther (10.3) I would say Panther is the more stable of the two.

    I have never taken the upgrade path you wish to take (upgrading to OS X via OS 9) so will let others reply to your third-party applications questions.

    I know that from one version of OS X to another, you can choose to Archive and Install which will let you preserve all your user data. But I really wouldn't know about OS 9 to OS X.

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