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    What is the equivalent to Windows "Switch Users"?
    The title explains it. I want to password protect my stuff when I'm away for a couple of minutes, but the only option I see is to log off completely! I don't want that to happen, because I want some applications to still run(like AIM).

    You guys have helped me so much lately, and I appreciate it!

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    Are you using multiply users? If so then in the accounts tab in System Prefs, check off quick user switching, and a menu will appear in the upper right of the menubar, and you can go to the login window.
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    Go into system preferences/dashboard & exposé.

    Set a hot corner to activate your screensaver (mine's bottom left).

    Go back into system preferences, then go to security. Check "require password to wake this computer from sleep or screensaver".

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    I use Quicksilver and the Fast Logout Command

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    i dont have no mac's
    i'd go the screensaver route as mentioned above...but i beileve hopping over to the login window will still let you stay on will need a abuddy to watch your online status in order to fully check it out though
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    Yeah I think logs you off for a sec before the network connection kicks back in. Shame about that.

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