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mac57 02-24-2007 11:37 PM

Using Spotlight as A Spelling Aid
I was hunting for something in my Mac OS X hard copy folder and came upon some notes I had taken when reading Mac OS X The Missing Manual. Something I had read then and totally forgot since has been renewed in my memory, and my daily usage for sure. Here it is...

Ever had a word that you were trying to spell correctly, and you are sure you don't have it right? You type it into the dictionary widget as best you can and get nothing. You try another spelling. Still nothing. SO annoying.

I have just discovered that Spotlight addresses even this. It contains a spelling aid. All you have to do is type in the first few letters of the word in question and then press OPT+ESC. Spotlight immediately produces a list of every word Mac OS X knows about that starts with the letters you have typed in! Fabulous!

Yet one more amazing productivity aid seamlessly integrated into Mac OS X. Truly amazing!

NanoBite 02-25-2007 12:14 AM

Excellent find mac57!

Martin. 02-25-2007 01:29 AM

man that is so sweet.

yogi 02-25-2007 02:48 AM

The secrets and depths of Mac OS X...ahh...

cazabam 02-25-2007 04:33 AM

That is ace. One less memory hog widget on my dashboard then :D

christm 02-25-2007 04:35 AM

nice find.

Aptmunich 02-25-2007 05:29 AM

Actually no need to go to spotlight to do this...

Just type in a word in any cocoa application and then hit opt-esc. You'll get the same suggestion list...

Try it right here in the response field! (Safari)

mac57 02-25-2007 02:13 PM

Wow! That is EVEN better Aptmunich!! Fabulous find.

I guess it is worth keeping both approaches in mind, since not all apps are Cocoa based, but for many of the apps that I use normally, this will save a few mouse motions. For the rest, Spotlight will take care of it!

Like yogi said, Mac OS X has AMAZING depth...

Carol247 02-25-2007 02:20 PM

Never dreamed that was available. So awesome!! Thanks!

Aptmunich 02-25-2007 04:04 PM

Yeah, this is one of those things you stumble across every so often in OS X...

Just like the system-wide spelling check, dictionary or dragging files & folders into text documents...

Carol247 02-25-2007 09:44 PM

Yes, like a treasure hunt and with a new Mac you're sure to find lots of treasure! I find things continually and it helps reading through my Missing Manual too.

PowerBookG4 02-25-2007 11:07 PM

wow... i did not know about that!

kilo15 02-26-2007 01:55 AM


todd51 02-26-2007 02:01 AM

The best just keeps getting better!

mac57 02-26-2007 09:53 AM

After stumbling across this just a few days ago, I now use it all the time. It has become almost indispensible... and it just makes my PC (which I have to use for work) look all that much worse. Mac OS X is just SO good!

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