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    Start up programs (But not appearing in accounts)

    I'm fairly new to OSX having had my laptop only a month. I've installed some software that I will be using a lot but not all the time. There is a launcher program that allows me to start it and stop it. However, by default it starts on boot up. I want to be able to switch this off so I can start it manually.

    The only way I know how to see what's apps are set to start on booting up is to go to accounts >> Login items and select from there. Unfortunately the program doesn't appear in this list.

    I have full admin rights to the laptop and have created several accounts. How do I check what is really running on my laptop and disable those apps?

    Thank you for your time and help,


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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, Merlyn.

    Can you tell us what that app is? It's hard to see what can be done up to this point...

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    Sure - no problem. The app is ColdFusion.

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    Macintosh HD -> System -> Library -> Startup Items may also be launching things? I am sure that there is a GUI way of looking at and manipulating these, but I don't know what it is. Anyone?
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    Hi Mac57,

    I've checked that folder and it doesn't appear to have anything obvious list as ColdFusion.

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    You might want to check for Macromedia or MX instead as ColdFusion is a Macromedia app. Well was as Adobe bought Macromedia a few months back.

    I wonder if, when you have ColdFusion running, you wouldn't be able to set this up in the Preferences and tick the default off... I haven't used ColdFusion ever, mind you, but some apps will have this setting of installing in Startup Items in the Preferences.

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    I uninstalled it and installed it again. It had an option not to start up automatically. So far ColdFusion runs really well under Mac, I'd recommend anyone trying it.

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