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Thread: start up disk utility

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    Unhappy start up disk utility
    I have Powermac G4 Blue, 350MHz, 448mg ram (at the moment looking to add another gig soon). I recently added a 120gig hard drive cos Macintosh for some hairbrained reason initially put in a 10gig one. I want to install Tiger osx, obviously on the larger drive, but when I go to start up disk utility, I can't see it. I am not connected to the internet, the mac is only used for producing music. I run Protools LE 6.9, and Reason 2.5 (full version). all works fine but want to upgrade Protools and I need Tiger to do that. Any ideas, maybe I've spent too long working on PC'S

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums.

    Is this your blue Power Mac?

    If so, it's a G3. And Apple's hairbrained reason was that 8 years ago when this Macintosh was released (yep, released in 1999), a 10 GB hard drive was pretty decent and way back when this Mac came with Mac OS 8.5 or 8.6.

    I seem to recall that you'll need to do a firmware update for the Mac to see the whole 120GB hard drive. Unless the reason is that the hard drive is incompatible the way it is formatted right now...

    Hopefully, someone else with more expertise in hardware should jump in now and explain this in more details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gersh View Post
    I have Powermac G4 Blue, 350MHz... Macintosh for some hairbrained reason initially put in a 10gig one.
    It isn't hairbrained. Two reasons. At the time that machine came out initially, 10 GB was a fairly large drive. Secondly, that system won't support larger HD's. You can find some information here on Apple's site that might help you out:
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    Ahh! DB thanks for bailing me out! I didn't have the conclusion to this story!

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