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Thread: Sharing iPhoto & iTunes

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    Sharing iPhoto & iTunes
    Hi All,
    I have one Mac that my family all have a login for, what i want to do is centralise the iTunes and iPhoto so we all have access to it, i know you can "share" which works very well except when i am not logged in the the share is not available to the other logins.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    All I can think of is that if iTunes & iPhoto are organising your music/photos, then this doesn't seem possible AFAIK .... I think you'd have to store your music/photos ordered your own way in a hierarchial folder structure and kept in your Public Folder, then you wouldn't need to be logged on for others in your household to access the music/photos.

    The files in the Public Folder would be read only so others can look and copy but not change the original files there.

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    could i not just change the permissions on my iphoto folder so that the others can access it?

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