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    Question Tiger OS 10.4.6 Network Problems
    I am a trainee network administrator at a local high school...

    i have been put in charge of the macs around the school...
    we have been having a lot of problems in the film and television room. with the mac mini's

    we started of fresh this year on a new image just to get rid of any of the bugs the students could of put on... and to speed it up whilst deleting all their music. so they could actually burn there dvds for their assignments.

    we always seem to get connection problems to our main server thou.

    it allows the IP address and that is all.. the time is in correct sychronisation with our main server. (Windows Server 2003 Standard)(i understand if it is more then 5 mins out it cannot connect but it is all in time)

    as u said as i can log onto the computer using the local administrator password and access the internet it is not a problem with the lan/connection as such. it will just not connect to the server allowing server accounts to log on (as such the problem is!)

    we found one solution which is to reformate them. but doing that on a weekly basis is a waste of our time and local rescources as for we could be doing something else.

    we are looking for a permante fix. is there a bug in the system or could be something else.

    any suggestions would be greaterly appreciated.



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    So if I am understanding this right. After a fresh load of the system, the works okay. With a regular user account and not the adminstrator account?

    What happens between the time the system is freshly loaded and it stops working?
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    students log on... umm we havn't been able to tell... but usally it just students log on go on the net cuz there is no real need for anything work to be done at this stage.

    but i have a suspicion that it may be one of the teachers playing around with a few setting but yet still can't prove it.

    but yeah nothing really happens it just gets left in the room.. people log on log off and after about a week server acounts can't log on again.

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