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Thread: Boot Camp and Vista

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    Boot Camp and Vista
    I recently loaded Vista, via bootcamp, onto my Macbook Pro. After the installation was completed, I had no way of selecting which hard drive I wanted to boot up from. According to sourced information, you are supposed to recieve a screen, with the option to select which hard drive to boot from.

    Did I not receive this option, because I installed Vista? Do you only get this option with XP?

    At the stage of the bootcamp install, where it asks for the XP CD, I did put in the Vista CD, which it didnt like. I selected the restart option, with the Vista CD still in the drive, and held down C. It started booting to the Vista CD and installing, as if I was installing on a PC.

    Now, if I want to boot into Vista, I had to select Windows as the permanent start-up disk, and then to boot back into Mac, I had to boot to the OS X 10.4 CD, and then change the startup disk back to my mac partition.

    There has to be an easier way, even with Vista.

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    Press and hold Option during startup

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    If you read the included documentation, you would have quickly seen how simple it was :bomb:

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